Wheat Straw Tableware

Make Eco-friendlyTableware with Natural Plant Fiber, Create Green Healthy Life

Our new environmentallyfriendly tableware is made from renewable wheat straw pulp/fiber. These naturalproducts are great alternatives to traditional disposable plastic or paper foodcontainer. They are suitable for hot or cold foods. Its strength is far higherthan foamed plastic. With the characteristics ofoil resistance, water resistance, not easy to break, etc. Perfect forrestaurant, parties, wedding, picnic, and other large occasions.

MVI ECOPACK wheat strawtableware includes bowls, plates, lunch boxes, and trays, with different size foryou choose. Single and multiple compartments food containers are available. Allof them are natural brown colors.

Microwave and freezersafe | Plastic free |100% biodegradable & compostable | BPI certifiedcompostable