Kraft Paper Container

Kraft papertableware has the characteristics of light weight, good structure, easy heatdissipation, easy transportation. It is easy to recycle and meet therequirements of environmental protection.

We offer kraft paper square bowlsfrom 500ml to 1000ml and the round bowls from 500ml to 1300ml, 48oz, 9 inch orcustomized. Flat cover and dome cover can be selected for your kraft papercontainer and white cardboard container. Paper lids (PE/PLA coating inside)& PP/PET/CPLA/rPET lids are for your choice.

Either square paper bowls or roundpaper bowls, both of them are made from food grade material, environmentallyfriendly kraft paper and white cardboard paper, healthy and safe, can bedirectly contact with food. These food containers are perfect for any restaurant offering to go orders,or delivery. PE/PLA coating inside each container ensures that these papercontainers are waterproof, oil proof and anti-leakage.